25 January 2009

My Running Shoes

This is just another post I've brought over from the old blog. I'm still running in the Supernova's. Maybe it's time for a change as they are getting on in years, still nowhere near optimum mileage though unfortunately.

I will be updating this page when I next update the footwear.

On this page I'm just going to keep a record of the running shoes I've used, the mileage I ran in them, how I found them etc.

June 2007 - present

Adidas Supernova Control

A control shoe not as structured as the Adistar. My Podiatrist thinks its a good shoe and one that I should be happy with. Been running in them for a week and it feels good. I've done away with the cushioned soles and the orthotics and am just running in the off the shelf shoe. Without the orthotic the shoes seem more roomy that I've been used to so perhaps that will help with the numbness I had been getting?

August 2006- May 2007

Adidas Adistar


Total Milage

550 km (342 miles)

General comment

Generally a good comfortable shoe. Did a lot of experimenting however with different insoles/ orthotics so never really 100% happy from one week to the next. Probably wasn't the shoes fault however just what I was putting in it. As it turns out my Podiatrist doesn't think that bio-mechanically my gait is that bad that it warrants an orthotic.


Ewen January 26, 2009 at 5:10 PM  

Let's hope you're soon wearing out the shoes just like before.

You're on. There's an icy cold six-pack of Beez Neez in the fridge. Us by 3 to 2!

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