18 March 2012

Back Running at Last

I haven't wanted to speak too soon, however I think now with seven weeks of light jogging behind me I can say ... "I'm back running!"

Here's what I did to get to the place I am today;

Last October I'm unfit and a little overweight tipping the scales at 100 kg.  I decide that I'm in no condition to start my running comeback in this state.  I join the local millenium gym with the aim of losing some kgs, gaining some base strength and fitness.

I get assigned a weights programme to work on building some muscle strength.  I commit to one/two strength workouts a week , and three cardio workouts, including one swim a week and a weekly yoga class. I also sign up for a six week boot-camp course. This was two early morning group fitness classes a week plus added individual workouts as planned by the instructor. The classes were a great motivator and the boot-camp really kick started my weight loss and fitness.  By early December I've lost 3 kgs.

A return to running was always top of my mind and I begin to think about when is the right time. With my injury plagued past I still feel that I need to lose more weight and gain more leg strength and flexibility before I lace up my running shoes.

I do however sign up for the Run Auckland series of races starting in late March, just over three months away.  Now I do have something to train for.

I keep the individual workouts going all through December and January and by the end of the month I'm down to 92.5 kgs, thats a 7.5 kg lose in just over three months.

Early February and with eight weeks to the first run Auckland race I take my first tentative steps on the road. I know I need to tread carefully and look for a run / walk programme which will gradually increase my running time and distance each week. I settle on the novice five K programme in a book I bought a few years ago, "Run Less, Run Faster". It starts with a lots of walking interspersed with short stints of running.

The programme consists of three run workouts a week which I'm doing in addition to my one strength work out, one swim and one yoga class a week.  On the odd week if I don't fell like I need a rest I'll also do a workout on the exercycle.

Seven weeks, and a week out from the first Run Auckland 5 k race of the year, I've just run for 3 miles (with 10 minutes of walking before and after) around the base of Mt Maunganui.

I do remain sceptical of how far I can push it though.  My left arch /heel has never felt 100% right since I last stopped running and since i've started the running again I'm icing it morning and night. This seems to be controlling it and it is not getting worse at this stage.

I'm also strapping my right shin with sports tape to try and give that some added support.  This is helping to keep the shin splints at bay so far also.

We are now into mid March , my weight is still hovering around the 92kg and I am a week away from my comeback Run Auckland 5K race.

Hopefully there will be lots of good reports to come.

Happy running.


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