27 January 2009

100 Push up challenge - Week two

Just finished week two of the one hundred push ups challenge.

This week consisted of;

Day one - 2 sets 14 reps, 2 sets 10 reps , final set minimum 15 did 15.

Day two - 1/14, 1/16, 2/12, min 17 got to 21.

Day three - 1/16, 1/17, 2/14, min 20, did 20.

Day four - two exhaustion test, got to 30.

30 in the end of week test keeps me on column 3 and on target for the 100 apparently.

Last week I was experiencing some slight numbness or tingling in the finger tips of my right hand, mainly first thing in the morning. After not really thinking about it too much at first after about two or three days of this going on I started to think about what may be causing it.

So easiest thing to do these days is Google "tingling numbness in finger tips" and see what comes up. Well it looks like the most likely cause of it is a nerve entrapment. The medical term is called Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.

I'm wondering whether the pressure placed on the wrist during the push ups may be a contributing factor here.

I hadn't actually realised how serious this condition is until I read the above link while preparing this post this post. After reading that I think I put the challenge on hold for a couple of weeks and give the wrist a rest.

That's a bit dissappointing actually. It's never nice failing a challenge one sets for one self is it!

Hve a good week.


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