07 February 2010

Back riding

Well apart from a weeks holiday at Mt Maunganui late last month, I now been for a half dozen or so rides over the last few weeks.

I've gradually picked up the distances and today rode my longest yet of 21 km, in 64 minutes.

The plan at the moment is to keep riding 3- 4 times a week at least through to early April when we lose our day light savings hour. This is due to be riding after work usually between 6 & 7 pm.

You can follow my training on dailymile which i've also got a link to in the side bar at right.

In need to get back into some strength training also , just a matter of finding time. That will probably need to be an early morning thing as I just can't see where else I would fit that in. Problem there is its difficult to throw weights around in the garage while the rest of the household is sleeping. Will just have to use nice slow movements i guess. There's plenty of exercises where you can just use your own body weight as resistance anyway so there are always options.

Not sure about running yet, still seem to have a niggle in the ankle which would likely flare up again once i started running again.

I'll close with some holiday snaps from beautiful Mt Maunganui.

Sam and I on our way to the summit.

Just started the climb and already worked up a sweat

View from the top

Then its time to relax on the beach - sorry to those suffering under winter snows.


19 January 2010

Yes, I'm back!

Well after four months of inactivity I'm back on the exercise band wagon.

As you may have guessed my brief flirtation with running was quickly curtailed due to an ankle injury which only now seems to be coming right. Maybe my body is just not cut out for running??

So cycling it is again and in the last week I've eased back into the saddle with four short 30 minute rides.

I've actually been cycling most days since mid December due to the fact that I've sold my car and am yet to get a replacement. That means I have a short 5-10 minute ride to the bus station and back each work day.

With Christmas and New Year holidays out of the way I thought as I'm on my bike most days I should really take the opportunity to get some decent rides in. With that in mind I'm going to 'take the long way home' 3 or 4 nights a week.

This should help keep the weight under control and keep my fitness at an acceptable level. No grander plans yet other than getting back into some regular exercise.

Call me mad but I still want to run, something in me just makes me want to persevere with trying to get fit and injury free again so I can again enjoy some regular running.

Maybe 2010 will be the year I succeed in doing that?


2010 Training Log

This page records all my training for 2010;

Week 5

Thur - Bike ride, 15 km, 49 minutes
Wed - Bike ride 7 miles, 33 minutes

Week 4

No training, away on holiday at Mt Maunganui.

Week 3

Wednesday, Bike ride, 7.9 miles. 41 minutes. Very windy, put in a good effort today.
Tuesday, Bike ride, 6.7 miles, 35 minutes
Monday, Bike ride , 6.7 miles, 35 minutes

Week 2

Thursday, Bike ride 5 miles, 30 minutes
Tuesday, Bike ride 5 miles, 30 minutes


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