20 February 2009

Round the Mountain

This run takes me from my Newmarket office around the volcanic cone of Mt Eden before heading back up Mt Eden Road and back to work. Mt Eden is the highest of Auckland's 49 volcanic cones at a height of 196 metres. The run to the summit is another favourite and offers stunning panoramic views, a great reward for the gut busting climb to the top.

This run however, is a short 3.8 mile cousre around the mountain's base, starts with a gentle climb up Carlton Gore Road before making a left turn into Mountain Road. After briefly decending down to Kyhber Pass, the road climbs again, taking me over the Southern Motorway and past one of Auckland's oldest boys schools, Auckland Grammer School.

Mountain Road is home to some of Auckland's earliest homes and features some beautifully restored turn of the century (19th century) homes. It's also home to Government House, home of the Governor General.

Mt Eden Village with Mt Eden behind. photo by Robyn Gallagher

The half way point of the run and I'm in trendy Mt Eden Village right at the base of the 'mountain' running past it's coffee bars and boutique shops. The road climbs again a little at is approaches the entrance to the summit road before leveling off as I get past the mountain and head back towards the top end of Kyhber Pass.

I cross back over the motorway before heading back down Carlton Gore Road, arriving back at work 30- 35 minutes after I left.

Here's the full map.


Aaron February 21, 2009 at 9:22 AM  

Ahh Mt. Eden. Best hill climb in Auckland in my opion. There is quite a good trail up from Owens Road that gets you to about half way up the summit road - worth checking out when you are back running.

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