20 February 2009

The Boat Sheds

I call run "The Boat Sheds" after these old sheds which I pass about 30 minutes into the 5.8 mile loop around the Orakei Basin. Here's the map.

The run starts out from my work in Newmarket, opposite the Auckland Domain. I head straight for Parnell Road, away from the busy Newmarket shopping district, well known for its fashion clothing stores. Newmarket is up on a bit of a plateau so I need to descend for a half mile through Newmarket Park and Ayr Street, down on to Shore Road where I run past Thomas Bloodworth Park and expensive waterfront homes.

Mile two includes a small climb over a hill before returning back almost to sea level. We turn into Orakei Road, still running away from work. Given my history sometimes its a bit risky venturing this far from my work place as it will be a long walk back should I breakdown. Nearing the end of Orakei Road we cross the Orakei Basin before making a left turn into Ngapipi Road which though again undulating, follows the waters edge all the way to The Boat Sheds at the corner of Tamaki Drive.

The Boat Sheds mark the turning point when we start heading back to work along the pituresque Tamaki Drive, which is lined with Pohutukawa Trees and water on both sides and offering supurb views of the iconic Rangitoto Island.

photo by elastic design
At the base of the Parnell cliffs are the Parnell Baths (salt water pools), which is where we take the steps up to the top of the cliffs and on to St Stephens Ave. From there its almost a mile of consistent climbing, past more of Auckland's most expensive real estate, to the top of Parnell Road.

The final 3/4 mile is a flat easy run back to work, though coming after the climb back up from the water it is a much needed easy end to the run.

Generally this is a 50 minute run at an easy pace. Its a run with a bit of everything, undulating hills, a decent mile long flat section, and a mile long climb, not to mention some pretty good scenery.


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