01 February 2009

Last weeks training and something to train for

As per the cross training plan I outlined at the start of January, I've really got stuck in over the last month and clocked up some decent miles on the road, biking that is. As you may have noticed, at the bottom of the side bar on the right I keep a running tally of the mileage I've covered for the year. As you can see it's now up over 100 miles.

Usually I get in four rides a week and last week that consisted of two shorter 35 minute rides during my lunch hour, a longer ride yesterday with another shorter recovery ride today for a total of 36 miles. You can check my training log in the navigation bar at top of the page for a detailed account of the years training, week by week together with links to the rides (and hopefully runs)that I complete.

Each week I'll try and emulate what a normal runners training programme might look like, that is with one hill ride a week, a weekly long ride and a recovery ride (flat easy pace). Not sure about a tempo ride as usually I try to maintain as steady a speed/tempo as I can for the duration of the ride.

As with running it helps to have a goal or perhaps a race to train for and to keep the motivation up where it should be. So with that in mind I'm seriously considering entering the Xterra Rotorua MTB challenge being held on 18th April.

I've never raced before and the only true off road mountain biking I've done has been just muck around stuff with Michelle or the kids. The plan at this stage is to head out to the Woodhill Bike Park at least once a month for a serious MTB ride and I'm confident that the rest of my training can be done on the road. There's plenty of hills around my work to train on so I'm confident that I will be fine on the hills.

In case you missed it, check out the recent posts at the right side bar for a flashback to the 2006 Auckland Half Marathon. There's also a post there on the build up and what led to me starting this running caper.

Have a good week and all the best to Chad's Cardinals in the NFL final today.


Ewen February 2, 2009 at 11:02 PM  

So did your blokes leave it until the last over just to make it exciting?

Well done. One down.

Yes, go for the Mtn bike race - looks like "fun"!

robtherunner February 4, 2009 at 5:36 PM  

The mountain bike race sounds cool, but a bit frightening to me. I am sure it helps with the motivation, as you said.

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