23 February 2009

50 Marathons 50 Days

I just finished Dean Karnazes' latest book, 50 Marathons 50 Days. For those that don't now (in case a non runner stumbles across this blog) Dean Karnazes is an elite ultra marathon runner. In 2006 he ran 50 marathons in consecutive days in the 50States. The book is basically a dairy of the whole event packed with little tips and helpful hints ranging from how to prepare for a marathon, training tips , diet and loads more.

I found it a worthwhile and interesting read which was written in an easy to follow style which sort of put you on the tour bus so to speak as if you were almost one of the crew along for the ride.

It was pretty obvious that Dean enjoyed connecting with as many locals as he could while he was running each marathon. Even though he may have been suffering from sleep deprivation from the long hours on the road after each marathon or perhaps a little staleness towards the end of the 50 days, Dean always came back to the running public which he would turn out to see him and be a part of his adventure.

Dean's durability is amazing. Having covered over 1300 miles and wearing out out 5 pairs of shoes, the worst he suffered was a couple of blisters and three lost toenails.

Dean is certainly proof of what the human body is capable of achieving if one has the motivation and desire to push to ones limits and beyond.

Well done also to Matt Fitzgerald who co authured the book with Dean.

If you want to read more about what Dean's up to try checking out his Blog.


Ewen February 24, 2009 at 8:01 PM  

I'd like to know the secret to his amazing durability. Good genes I expect.

Aaron March 3, 2009 at 9:26 AM  

I really liked that book as well. He had stuff all sleep doing those runs. Amazing stuff.

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