27 April 2011

I'm still here!

Just in case any one was wondering, I am still here, just haven't been doing any running (or much of any exercise during 2010) so felt I had nothing much to contribute.

Since January I have been back in exercise mode and have been maintaining a steady diet of rowing, cycling and some swimming. I'm still posting all my training on Daily mile and it can also be seen in the link at the side.

Just a quick update on the last year; the family is all well, my gorgeous daughter is nearly two already, while my boys are almost 8 and 10. The three of them certainly keep us busy.

At home we've spent much of the year working on renovating our house and getting it ready to sell (now too small) and now have it on the market.

Work wise I picked up a new role which is challenging me professionally also.

I still harbour a dream to take up regular running again and hopefully by maintaining other forms of training I'll maintain some fitness and control my weight while some outstanding issues hopefully resolve themselves over time.

Meantime while I haven't been visiting many blogs over the past year I've popped into a few over the last week or so as my interest in training has been re kindled over the past few months.

Not sure that I'll have much to blog about but will try to say hi every now and again.


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