05 October 2009

Slight hiccup

Its been a quiet week.

I noticed early on in the month a slight twinge in my ankle and after a few weeks this was not improving - in fact was probably worsening slightly as I increased the distance of runs.

I thought therefore I'm best to rest and let it recover rather than ignore it and do more damage and prolong any recovery.

Thinking back to a cause the only thing I have really been able to point to as a possible cause was some ankle and shin strengthening exercises I had been doing. Perhaps I over did these a little?

I'm hoping with a weeks rest, some icing and some anti- inflammatory pills I will be able to recommence the running again soon.

Feel a bit guilty though as I've used this as a bit of an excuse to back off all my cross training which is not good.


Ewen October 6, 2009 at 5:56 PM  

That's a shame Bruce. Just as the weather is turning for the better too. Hope it's not too long before you're giving the Newtons another run.

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