07 July 2009

Lisa Tamati in Badwater

New Zealand ultra runner Lisa Tamati lines up at the Badwater Ultra marathon starting in Death Valley this weekend. It will be Lisa's second appearance at the infamous ultra marathon event, notorious for its scorching temperatures.

Photo by OmarOmar

In 2008 Lisa was the 10th placed female covering the 135 mile course in a time of 38:24 (that's 38 hours, 24 minutes!).

Lisa has been training for the last week in the heat and altitude of Arizona and is hoping for a finish under 28 hours this year.

Follow Lisa at her blog here.


Ewen July 8, 2009 at 10:46 AM  

I really don't know how they do that one. The heat in Death Valley was like standing in front of an oven - no, IN an oven!

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