27 April 2009

Winter cross-training plan

With my race season (aka the Xterra) behind me I've had to quickly come up with a new training plan for the next few months as the longer I stay inactive the harder it seems to get back into a training schedule.

So here's the plan;

Its time to dust of the Exercycle which hasn't really been used for a year or so. Minimum two workouts a week. - 45 - 60 minutes

A weekly bike ride on the road - 60 - 90 minutes.

I will also be re-introducing myself to the swimming pool for one or two swim session a week - will alternate IE swim Mon, Fri, Wed, Mon etc etc).

I haven't swam in the last year so it will take a bit if building up to a decent workout. Will build this up to 30-40 minutes over the next month.

Swimming remains one of the most efficient forms of fitness training I know of and even one or two sessions a week combined with the biking I should remain in okay condition.

Still no date in mind for returning to running and with winter nearly here I'm in no rush. I still feel that my heel isn't right and would just play up again after 20 - 30 minutes of running. It still aches even now when I put my running shoes on either for a long walk or just mucking around playing soccer with the boys at the park.

I continue to stretch when I can, though I have not been as disciplined about this as I could be. It's not the most exciting way to pass the time is it?

With any luck time will heal these little niggles and while I continue to swim and bike to maintain some fitness. I'll perhaps pencil in the spring to commence some running again.

I've enjoyed the challenge of mountain biking this summer and I'll hopefully continue with this next summer also. Hopefully though it will be in addition to some running races also as at the end of the day I think I'm a runner at heart. It's running that I still desperately want to be able to do again. More on that later.

Have a good week.


Aaron April 28, 2009 at 6:10 AM  

Sounds like a good plan. Swimming is excellent cross-training I agree.

With the stretching I use the time to practice my German. Count to thirty on a stretch etc. A bit odd but hey it works for me.

Ewen April 29, 2009 at 8:30 PM  

No cheating by using those French swimsuits Bruce ;)

I have a mate who's been out for over a year with a foot injury. Now, though with rest and "self treatment" he's close to resuming running. Hopefully you'll be the same.

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