12 February 2009

Review - PROwash Activewear Detergent

I've seen a few reviews around the blogoshere in recent months for Prowash Activewear Detergent and then one day a few weeks ago I was invited to try out this product for myself. I thought what did I have to lose so I took them up on their offer of trying some of their fancy new detergent out in exchange for writing a review on my blog. A week or so later the Prowash Detergent arrived in a nicely packaged box all the way for the USA complete with a handy little gym towel in its own little pouch.

photo from marathonmaritza.blogspot.com

The marketing material supplied with the detergent states that it is designed specifically for washing of activewear such as Nike Dry-Fit, Under Armour and Columbia Sportswear ACtivewear. It's stated to remove embedded odors from wicking fabrics of activewear better than ordinary detergents and also prevent fading.

Prowash detergent is suitable for top load or front load washers and comes in an eye catching environmentally friendly pouch.

The hot summer temperatures we're experiencing in Auckland over the last few weeks have made for the perfect testing conditions. My bike shorts and activewear tee shirts are well drenched with sweat these days so the Prowash was certainly going to have its work cut out dealing to these clothes.

I'm not normally one to do too much washing but I thought if I was to be writing a review I had best write it with the benefit of some first hand knowledge of the product. After piling my sweaty cycling gear into the washer I poured in two caps of the Prowash and let it do it's work.

Now as I said before, not really being one that normally handles the washing too frequently I was not able to compare the feel and smell of the newly washed clothes with the feel and smell that we get with our ordinary washing powder. My good wife Michelle tells me however that the Prowash detergent had indeed given the clothes an increased level of softness together with an appealing fresh smell that we did not usually get with our ordinary detergent.

So if you're desperately in need of a washing detergent with muscle, one that can rid your clothes of unwanted odours and leave them looking and feeling like they're fresh out of the sportswear store, the you need to try Prowash Activewear Detergent.

Prowash can be bought online at Amazon from as little as US$26.64. Now I'm not sure how that compares with your average washing detergents in the US but I gather it's possibly slightly on the expensive side. With our weakening NZ dollar it certainly not worth my while to purchase it online, but if you're finding that your ordinary detergent is not working for you then you could do worse than try Prowash Activewear Detergent.


Aaron February 14, 2009 at 2:04 PM  

That was strangely informative. Had to laugh "not really being one that normally handles the washing too frequently I was not able to compare the feel and smell of the newly washed clothes".
When you started this blog did you ever think you would be reviewing washing powder?

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