01 January 2009

Happy New Year- Highlights of 2008

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I thought I would list my three highlights of 2008;

Given my running over the last year has been nothing to celebrate, none of these highlights are running related unfortunately.

The number one highlight of 2008 has to be our family holiday to North America in April. We were on holiday for four weeks and roughly spent almost two weeks in Canada and slightly over two weeks in the United States. All the detail of the trip is on my holiday blog at http://northamerica2008.blogspot.com/. Highlights of the trip were definitely the five days Michelle and I had exploring Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon/ Monument Valley / Zion National Park area. We all enjoyed Disneyland and San Francisco also. The two days we spent on a train travelling from Vancouver to Jasper in the Rockies was also a special time when the four of us just got to enjoy each others company for two whole days in a relatively confined space. It was a great trip that we will always hold fond memories of. I also got to experience first hand some of the extreme winter weather conditions that many bloggers from those parts go through every year. Canada especially was very cold by our standards (-15 degrees C in the Rockies when we were there).

Number two. Our youngest son, Sam started school in July and we felt that it was one of those milestones in life when your children are no longer pre-schoolers and you look forward to the next stage in life when they are going through their schooling years. We felt that we were just starting to get a bit more independence also and after putting her career on hold for seven years Michelle was set to return to the workforce.

Number three. There's no hiding the fact that this was a major shock to all concerned however learning that Michelle was pregnant and that we would be having a new baby in the family come 2009 is our other major highlight for 2008. The idea of a baby in the house again has taken some serious getting use to (more so for Michelle than me I think), but as so many people have said, what is meant is be is meant to be. Others call it fate, but what ever you say we have rapidly come to the realisation the road we thought we were about to take, as Jack and Sam were entering their school years is about to go in another direction. I just think though of all the joy that Jack and Sam have and continue to bring us, which we are about to get another dose of.

I was going to mention three low lights but rather than spoil a nice positive post I'll leave that for another day.

I hope 2009 is all that you wish for.


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