29 December 2008

Welcome to the new Blog

Thanks for stopping by my new running blog. If you're regular visitor from my previous blog (sorry the blogging hasn't been too regular of late) I hope you all had a great Christmas and all the best for a happy safe and injury free 2009. If you're new to the Blog then welcome and hopefully you like what you see.

Why the new Blog? Well the old blog was almost two years old and I had posted over 100 posts in that time about my introduction to running, how I become hooked and more latterly the injuries which seemed to stall any serious running efforts. I haven't run since October now and what tends to happen is that when I don't run , I don't blog. My hope is that by making a fresh new start to my Blog, it will motivate me to renew my running.

Over the next few days and weeks I'll start building up the Blog with some of my favourite posts from the old Blog just to give this one I little bit of history about what I've done , where I've been etc (also as I couldn't figure out how to import the old blog to this one?).

See ya round.


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